Analytic Services

Analysis is always dependent data and information. if you have data, in any format, We have Subject Matter Experts to Find out Actual Outcomes based on data and how it can be usual to grow up your business. Using many algorithms and structures we are ready to present actual insights in easiest way.

Academic Services

Education is a one of the focused vertical in deltabee and initially, we have developed such an application which is not just related to managerial task but for career development of student using data analytic and connectivity between teacher and student too.

Transport Services

Transport Service is going towards digitization very rapidly and many companies having there own application and websites but it seems too costly for small scale companies. To grow such companies, we have ready to serve cab booking services API which returns and accepts data in JSON format, and it’s how it’s very easy to consume these API with any platform without any limitation.

News & Media Services

In the world of digitization, Most affected industry is media and publication. Most of the News Paper having there website and all the content is free to read there which is affecting there income so much. One Survey says, Earning with Adsense is not that much enough to run a digital media house successfully. In this direction, Newyork time came up with a solution, known as metered paywall. Using metered paywall it makes all content as premium and restrict user to read all content freely, with out affecting search engine ranks as well.


Branding is most important in these days and Web presence of your business not just matter but shows your authenticity too. We have A creative team of UX Experts and Designers who identify flavor of your business and type of audience who going to interact with you. After this analysis we assure your web presence in very attractive and sensible manner.