School Managment System

There is lack of digitization in schools which leads in loss of information as well as its very difficult to manage records written on paper. We have developed this product for making digital schools so that information can be managed easily.We are continuosly upgrading the system so that we can completely eliminate risk of information loss.


Everyone Connected
We have developed a system where school administration, teachers, students and parents are connected. We provide account for everyone in order to use the system. Teachers, parents and students will get all the events, news of school in single application

Use Of Data Analytics For Student Growth
We are using advanced data analytics concepts in order to get interests of student and which will help students as well as their parents to understand in which area student is good or bad.

Growth Chart
We have introduced concept of growth chart in school management system in order to track growth of student in each subject which will help student to understand in which subject he is doing good, where should student focus more


  • Our goal is to make paperless administration of school
  • Post queries or comments regarding documents to your customers & vendors
  • Reply to queries & comments from customer & vendors
  • Add colleagues to a conversation to resolve queries or disputes faster


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  • Get insights based on real time and historical data
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