CAB Booking Service API

Now a days, It’s actually Race-Time, Every-where competition could be seen easily. Almost every company not only digitizing there business but also they are using power of analytic to expand there business.

Cab-Services is one of the business which is having similar competition and lot of giant have developed there own Mobile/IT solutions for expanding there business But it’s still seems a problem for small scale companies.

For such companies who are willing to build their own digital platform for cab booking, we have ready solution for them. We have Developed REST APIs which can be integrate with any technical platforms and using it companies can built there own solution in very less time and small cost in there own way.


icon-11] Booking Cab
2] Passenger Data
3] Get Cab Details
4] Driver Information
5] Rating Related Data
6] Get Feedback Of Customer
7] Set Favourites Of Customer


icon-1These API are secured with Token and API Key, so that data can travel from server to client easily and no hacks/Sql Injection could affect the functionality and any type of compromise in server.


icon-1API data transfer is based on JSON which is very latest data form, Using JSON parser, API can be invoked with either server side or client side any scripting language.